Letterpress & Studio Rental

Have a project in mind and need access to letterpress equipment?

Here is your solution. Daytime studio rental at Littlecup. My studio is equipped with a Pearl Golding No. 11, a paper cutter, a binding machine, a hot foil press and lots and lots of type and letterpress cuts (images).

Letterpress Cuts

Who can rent studio space?

In order to rent Letterpress studio space you will have to complete the Introduction to Letterpress class which can be booked here.

Studio rental policies and Rental cost

Rental time must be booked in advance. You are responsible for leaving the equipment the way you found it. Putting all the type away, clean up after yourself. Allow time for cleanup, 30 minutes or more.

Rental Fee: 

$20 an hour for the rental of the studio space and using the letterpress equipment. Some paper is included but my choices are limited and you might like to order some paper ahead of time. Monthly Memberships available.

Interested working on a letterpress project at home? Rent a tabletop press here!