What's going on at Littlecup Ceramics

  • Letterpress and Printing

    I have not posted anything for a while...we are working hard on the new building. I will start painting the walls soon and I need to refinish the floors. We hope to start moving Littlecup Ceramics into the new building in November or December...I will keep you posted.

    In the meantime I am working on new ideas, started to do some linocut cards, will have some additional products to my ceramics and I got some new letterpress equipment.

    The Daisy, I got her on eBay, very happy about it!

  • We got the keys...

    We got the keys to our new building. Exciting times! It needs a lot of work but we will slowly make it beautiful. I am planning of moving my studio into the bigger building and will have a "real" store, gallery and workshop/classes space. The building is from 1925 and has a lot of the original shiplap which I will expose and keep like it is. I will keep you updated on our progress.

  • My Cat Kevin

    I published a book before my son Luka was born. It took me 2 years to make this book. I created the story, had a ghost writer to help me finalize the story, made all the tiles for the book and finally created the layout and self published my book. It is a true story about my cat Kevin, who was an amazing cat. He had lots of stories to tell...

    You can buy my book here on my website. It is a great kids book. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Happy Tuesday

    from my studio. What's new here at Littlecup? I had a fire at my studio a couple weeks ago and it was a scary moment. Luckily it was caught early and the damage is not too bad. I am glad nobody got hurt and the building is okay!!! My big kiln started an electrical fire. Scary, but thanks to the Fort Bragg Fire Department it was dealt with quickly.

    I recovered all my orders and have been shipping them out! 

    Now I am working on some new ideas for Spring and Summer....